Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes

So today’s rant is about extremism.  I know, I know.  It’s not why you started following me.  You want more Black In Law.  I promise, I will provide you with your interracial marriage fix 😉  But for today, I wanted to point out something I’ve noticed about American extremists.

Yes, AMERICAN extremists.  They’re more prevalent than you know (if you’ve been living under a rock).  And they’re extremely (pun intended) easy to spot.

Essentially, there is no ambiguity with them.  They are completely convinced that their way is the right way, and whoever doesn’t agree with them must be a traitorous, America-hating commie socialist.  Yes, I understand that Communism and Socialism are two different things, but they don’t let that fact ruin their day.  Or ANY fact, for that matter.

Now, I see this attitude somewhat from the left as well, but it’s nowhere near as prevalent or dangerous.  You have PETA supporters who idolize Ingrid Newkirk and her seriously wackadoodle ideology that humans should be eradicated from the Earth, et al, but nobody, even other liberals, really take people like that seriously.

On the right, though, we have not only regular people, but news pundits, celebrities, and most disturbingly, politicians adopting this idea of “You’re either with me or against me”.  That’s it.  No room for compromise, no room for even listening to what anyone else has to say.

To them, we can’t hold bad cops accountable for violent arrests that go way above and beyond the original criminal offense while still maintaining respect and admiration for the good cops who bust their ass every single day and do amazing work in community outreach.  You’re either supporting all cops or you hate all cops.

Another example that may find you talking to an extremist is that their words seldom, if ever, match their actions.  They’ll perform lip service, like “Support Our Troops”, but push to de-fund any and every public service that helps our troops recover from the war that they are always so adamant that we fight.  900,000 U.S. servicemembers and veterans are eligible for and use some form of government assistance.  I, myself, was on WIC for a time WHILE ON ACTIVE DUTY.  But the extremists paint a picture that the only people that use government “handouts” are lazy “inner city” (code for black or brown) people who just want to sit around and play Xbox all day instead of working.

And lo! All of the things that your tax dollars buy with said “handouts”.  The aforementioned Xbox, for one.  Big screen tvs, Cadillacs, cell phones, sneakers, the list goes on and on, according to people like Bill O’Reilly.  I’m curious as to how anyone knows that this is what happens to our tax dollars.  When I was on WIC, it bought us groceries, and only certain types of groceries.

They also want to and are being somewhat successful right now, at de-funding the VA.  So all of those wounded vets that come back from Iraq and Afghanistan have to attempt to rely on charities for, well, just about everything.  And you also better get your lazy crippled ass back to work somehow.  No more suckling off the gubmint teat!  Can’t work?  No, you’re just too lazy.  Oh well, enjoy being homeless.  Yes, we know there are more vacant houses in the US than homeless people, but what have you done to deserve a handout?!?

And the third and final tell I’m going to talk about today is the propensity to lay blame on the wrong person or group, mainly because of how misinformed they are.  This includes creating “issues” where there are none and laying blame for something that didn’t even happen.  I’m looking at YOU, Starbucks!  How dare you make red cups for Christmas!  Red isn’t even a Christmas color!

This also includes a supposed “war on cops” that doesn’t statistically seem to exist.  Conservative pundits, groups, and media outlets have wailed for months that the social advocacy group, #BlackLivesMatter, is responsible for this (non) war on cops.  They’ve claimed that crime waves have increased, no matter what actual police departments are reporting to the FBI’s National Crime Report.

Now, is it possible that certain groups in certain locations might be targeting cops in isolated incidents?  Of course.  That’s always possible.  But there’s so far been no discernible increase in that since the #BlackLivesMatter movement, despite wailings to the contrary.  There’s also been no increase in reported deaths or injuries of cops in the line of duty.

I have to admit that I’m becoming extremely (again, pun intended) frustrated with the apparent regression into seeing everything as black and white, and not even acknowledging that there might be some shades of grey.  Not 50 of them, though.  C’mon, America!  We can do better than that!  We can learn, we can grow as human beings, and we can think for ourselves, given the heaps of information that are on the internet.  There’s only one person in the world that can hold you back from doing just that.


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