You go, grandma!

So we’ve all seen the People of Walmart site, and I have a different story. I didn’t want to take this lady’s picture without her permission and plaster it all over social media, so you’ll just have to accept my meager description. Yeah, I gots class like dat, bitches!

Anyway, if you’ve ever watched the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man, the version of Aunt May that’s on there is pretty awesome. She’s this active, independent, hipster senior whose group of senior friends regularly goes rock climbing, hang gliding, mountain biking, and surfing along with gardening and crochet. She does kale smoothies and knows her way around Facebook and Snapchat. Not your stereotypical senior.

The lady I saw in Walmart struck me as this type of senior. In fact, if they ever did a live action Ultimate Spider-Man, she could play that Aunt May. This lady was in her 50s, maybe 60s, wearing running tights and a t-shirt, AND SHE COULD.

I didn’t compliment her because I didn’t want to say anything ridiculously stupid like, “For your age, you look fantastic!”, but if she ever does manage to read this, kudos to you, lady! Stay active and enjoy life! You’re a knockout!


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