Bullying: Part 2, aka, No, I Guess We’re Not

A couple of nights ago, I ranted about bullying.  I hate when people are bullied, and I have no issue standing up to bullies, especially for people who can’t.  I’ve pretty much made it my life’s career choice.  So tonight I’m giving you a different Part 2 than I was going to write, because I’m going to take the opportunity to call out a bully and make sure everyone knows he bullied someone.

That bully, I’m ashamed to say, was me.

It started out when actor David Boreanas (@David_Boreanas) made a comment about the #baltimoreriots that sparked quite a bit of discussion, a good deal of which was negatively directed at David.  I happen to like the guy, and so I overzealously rushed to his defense.  I made a few posts here and there to folks who were trashing him, and then I ran into a young man who pretty much outright called David a racist.

Now, I could have simply talked to the young man and asked him for clarification, or even respectfully and civilly disagreed with him, but instead, I chose to call him an idiot, and pretty much question any knowledge he might have of what racism actually is.

I could sit here now and blame it on the fact that it was late and I was tired (which was true), or the fact that I have PTSD (also true, and I’ll discuss that in another blog post in the future), but the absolute truth of the matter is that I chose to act like a complete ass.

The good news is that, after a few barbs were traded back and forth (mine admittedly harsher than his), we actually began to have a civil discourse about racism and the riots, and I wound up apologizing for my previous comments, which he graciously accepted.  We ended the evening as friends, and following each other on Twitter.

I’m not going to post his name or Twitter handle here, but if he reads this, he’ll know who he is.  Many of you who follow David Boreanas will undoubtedly know, too.  So I’m going to, again, publicly apologize for my initial comments.  They were stupid and uncalled for, and I’m glad that we were able to move past them and see that we both are pretty cool people.  I’d also like to publicly apologize to David for hijacking his thread, and generally being an asshat on it.

As the young man indicated near the end of the evening, now we can put aside our differences and fight about really important things, like the best pizza toppings and whether it’s “soda” or “pop” (it’s pop).



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