Bullying: Part 1, aka Aren’t We Done with That Shit Yet?!?

I know this probably isn’t going to be read by very many people right now, but then, a very small fire can become a conflagration in mere minutes. I also vowed to myself that my page was going to be about promoting myself as an actor, and I would leave the politics for my personal Facebook page.

But this needs to be said. Bullying people over the internet is about the most cowardly thing you can do to another human being. And you knuckleheads are doing it to women and girls???

Let me enlighten you. Perhaps you can learn something. As a father of two teenage girls, I know that American girls grow up continually assaulted by a conflicting societal message that they should be ashamed of their bodies, yet at the same time, be constantly sexy. At the same time, they have you mouth breathers telling them that they can’t be real gamers, comic book fans, or even intelligent, because they don’t have a penis?!? That, or because they don’t adhere to your self-imposed norm of sexuality??

Now I know that 90% of you just do it because you have miserable lives, you have no constructive coping skills, and your only outlet is to make someone who you don’t really know anything about, and therefore don’t give a shit about, feel terrible about themselves. But I also know that there are about ten percent of you that are genuinely misogynistic and hateful toward anyone who isn’t you.

To both types, I say, get help. Those of you without coping skills: you need some. You have no idea what pain you cause other people, and you need to stop. For those of you who just hate people: you’re people. Quite obviously, you actually hate yourself for some reason. Get help. Figure it out.

Bottom line: become better versions of you. Stop being a dick because of your own faults. Fix them! Hell, at least try! I know for most of you, it won’t get fixed I overnight. I know this because I suffer from my own issues, and I’m not fixing myself overnight. But I AM fixing myself. So you can, too.

Get it done.


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